Bar Fence

#1 Bar Fence

Bar fences are made of vertical bars that are securely welded to the top and bottom horizontal rails. After the welding process it gets hot dipped galvanized to protect it from rusting. They provide a strong and durable barrier while maintaining an open and unobstructed view. Bar fences are commonly used for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. They offer excellent security, as the bars are difficult to climb or penetrate. The benefits of bar fences include high visibility, low maintenance, and the ability to customize the design to suit individual preferences.

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Our fences and gates. Bar Fence Cape Town installation service has been installing and upgrading fences for almost two decades. In that period, we built our reputation and turned out to be among the market leaders of the city.

We supply and install a wide range of fences in a wide variety of materials and designs. Our range of products is suitable for residential, commercial and corporate, industrial, school and agricultural clients.


Safety and security are our top priorities. As Cape Town’s most reliable fencing contractors, we promise excellence and personalized service. We do this by signing a written agreement with every client we work with. Our staff is highly trained in specific areas to ensure timely delivery and product satisfaction.

Our fencing service specializes in safety, technical, architectural, and esthetically satisfying designs for all types of commercial and development projects. The installation approach that we follow is “Form meets Function” and we always insist on total quality management from the beginning to the end of each of the projects we work on.


We help our clients in Cape Town to make the most appropriate choices for their needs. We specialize in providing expert advice on the required level of security and take into account all residential applications. We have successfully carried out installations on overly complex sites along the rocky side of the mountain. As the top fencing supplier in Cape Town, we’re installing all kinds of residential fencing.

Are you looking for high-quality steel fences for your property of any shape or size? D&H Fencing is here – a well-established company with years of experience and skill in offering the best products and services. As we understand how important fences are to property security, privacy and good looks, we are experts in providing unique and unrivaled fence solutions. With our ultimate tips, our experts can quickly turn your outdoor space into an environment that you can love and use during the year without any issues.



No job is too big or small for us, and we welcome the people of Cape Town and other areas to talk to us about their steel bar fences and other requirements. We have been in the industry for years and are proficient in designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality fencing as well as helping you with general steel manufacturing and other jobs. Our professional staff are the backbone of the business and have the ability to perform tasks ranging from steel fencing maintenance to the implementation of the building regeneration and installation programme.


Our work is simply based on your exact needs and requirements, so just share everything you want and our team can create a customized solution using the highest quality materials, tools, equipment and methods to provide you with high-quality fencing. We have been operating successfully across the Cape Town Region for many years, gained a reputation for providing high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Check our range of steel bar fencing and different solutions for more ideas to pick the best. In addition, we are proud of our work, with the aim of completing every job on time, within the budget and without compromising quality.

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