We specialize in the installation of Cape Town Fencing  in Palisade, Clear-View, Bar Fencing, Mesh, All Gates, Betafence and similar products, General Steelworks, Vibracrete, etc

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D&H Fencing Cape Town can be quickly and successfully installed with minimum disruption to your environment. A wide range of products is required to meet the needs of each application, ranging from medium protection for residential assets to strong security for industrial properties.

Our system is long-lasting, rigid, and robust, and has been the international fencing solution of choice for flexibility and reliability for over 25 years. The wire is Zincalu sprayed, galvanized, strength welded, and plastic coated with maximum adhesion to maintain an extra-long lifespan, making it robust and robust.


Our schemes involve homes, restaurants, educational buildings, and other structures. Among the amenities are driveway gates and, if accessible, sliding gates. We will be delighted to discuss the costs of steel palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing with you to provide you with an understanding of them. We can notify you if you have any special criteria. Paarl should be proud of our company because D&H Fencing Cape Town remains one of the best fencing contractors. As a result, we conclude that we not only have the best perimeter fencing options, but also the best prices in the world.

Our specialist team will assess your property and take the necessary measurements for your gate and fence configurations, after which we will provide you with a quote that we are certain will meet your needs. If we have surveyed the property perimeter, we will provide rates for palisade fencing or other types of fencing at a cost per meter. Both of our fencing and gate installations in Cape Town are custom-made to provide you with the right fencing and gates for your property and venue.


We are secure in our credibility for providing outstanding service as Cape Town’s leading fencing merchant. D&H Fencing Cape Town is the only word you need to remember in Cape Town for the highest performing fencing.


We are a specialist fence builder in Cape Town who advises the appropriate standard of protection and takes into consideration all aspects of residential fencing applications. We also achieved excellent performance in very difficult locations such as rocky mountainsides. We supply and mount a broad variety of residential fencing. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote!


We are a fencing company that specializes in architectural, defense, mechanical, and aesthetically pleasing fencing for all kinds of commercial and construction projects. We use the “Form matches Intent” installation process and emphasis on Complete Quality Control from project initiation to completion.


We have also created a wide range of security fencing with features such as visibility, surveillance, demarcation, and deterrent. Clearview, Wire-wall Securemax, and Betaview fencing solutions are among the products we provide. High-security anti-cut and anti-climb devices are suitable for high-crime environments that need optimum surveillance and defense, such as industrial, real estate, residential, and all public places. Under digs, electrics, voice detectors, shark teeth spikes, and razor wire toppings are used as additional safety measures in the applications. We guarantee your protection and peace of mind.

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