Who are we

Our Mission

Our mission is to remain one of the leading companies in the fencing industry. We have built a strong reputation working with local property developers, contractors and homeowners, giving them fencing to the highest of quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is that D & H Fencing (Pty) Ltd is recognised as one of the leading fencing companies in the Western Cape.

Our Values

At D & H Fencing we strive to accommodate our clients’ needs with trust, honesty and integrity. We always put our clients needs first. We believe in a 5 star customer service and are hands on with all of our projects.

Our Business Goals

We aim to deliver quality work and service that is beyond our clients expectations and we will always go the extra mile for our client. We control the process of work done and ensure that all our projects are completed on time and within our clients budget and to the specifications agreed to on site.

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We have years of experience in advising and supporting customers. Our staff has the technical skills and experience to prepare, organize, and conduct installation programmes of all sizes effectively. Our staff is experienced and trustworthy, and we will do exactly what you ask for. We only stop when the work is complete and when our clients are completely happy with the work we’ve done.

We put our clients first; your happiness is our target. We only use top of the range fencing materials, from trusted manufacturers. We function in the regions of the Cape Peninsula, Winelands, and Boland. In all parts of the Western Cape, you will find us. For both residential and commercial fencing installations, we give a free no-obligation quote. We will guarantee that your project is executed to the highest expectations by our qualified experts.

We hate to say it, but crime rates continue to increase, resulting in a substantial need for stronger protection to shield intruders from your facilities and property. Sophisticated alarm systems are of little use since they only enable after a perimeter violation has happened to deter a breach of the perimeter.

Fencing Cape Town

Our specialist experts can do full site assessments and do a free of charge consultation. Every fence is ordered individually to scale and will be built and assembled by our production team. Only our accredited installers will install our innovative fencing system.

Security is a serious concern, so why not place your confidence in a Cape Town fencing company that takes your family’s safety as seriously as you do. For this reason, let’s show you why we’re in the fencing industry.

Fencing is an important component of our protection and security here in Cape Town. Therefore, to do clearview fencing, razor wire, palisades, and vibracrete fencing, it is important that you have a reputable and affordable fencing company Cape Town can be proud of. As a local fencing installer, we strive hard to not only be an affordable fencing company, but rather an inexpensive defense service.

We understand your protection is a concern, and as a home or business owner, living and working in Cape Town and the surrounding region, things may be very stressful. With our A-Grade products and professional workmanship on all our projects, we will give you peace of mind. We will offer you the best choices for a realistic fencing solution, whether you are trying to restore or install a new perimetre fence for industrial or residential purposes. On top of all that, our team is committed to delivering some positive outputs, bringing you a sense of relief, and a feeling that brings you security.


We have start-to-finish project management as part of our fence construction. Our local service provider can procure all required licenses, build the fence properly, and clean up and dispose of any work-related debris. The installer can take you through the final inspection of the fence and address any questions you might have before leaving your house.

D & H Fencing is always ready to build the fence you’ve always needed. Our support experts can offer custom construction choices depending on your requirements and budget, whether you are searching for solid timber fencing, low maintenance vinyl fencing, composite, concrete, or aluminum.

We Are Dependable

We are trustworthy at D & H Fencing, from workers to bosses, and we do it with passion, which is our guiding power. Let us help you decide your fencing requirements, evaluate style choices, and use professional materials to complete a reliable installation.

Accessible Prices

We provide a wide variety of reasonable choices and provide a selection of great standards at a reduced price for your needs. You pay for more than just our services here at our company, but you pay for consistency, professionalism, transparency, efficiency, and confidence.

Our Professional Workers

For your peace of mind, D & H Fencing are skilled fence installers that are certified, insured and background verified. We are skilled and knowledgeable workers who can assist you from the beginning of the project to the end.