We are fencing and gates Cape Town specializing in the installation of Cape Town Fencing  in Palisade, Clear-View, Bar Fencing, Mesh, All Gates, Betafence and similar products, General Steelworks, Vibracrete, etc

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Residential fencing

A professional fence contractor, D&H Fencing specialises in the supply and installation of all aspects of your residential fencing project. We offer affordable and durable fencing solutions to suit your style and your budget.

Commercial fencing

We offer high-security commercial fencing that is versatile and low maintenance. We have assisted various businesses and corporate companies in the past to secure their staff, assets and business premises.

Farm and Estate fencing

We offer a comprehensive range of farm and estate fencing packages. We’ve assisted countless farm owners over the passed couple of years. Our offerings include both traditional and modern fencing options that guarantee long lasting security.


From humble beginnings in Durbanville, D&H Fencing is a family-owned business that has expanded its operations to now cover the greater Cape Town area.

The company first opened its doors in 2012 under the name Deon Nel Fencing. However, in 2013 it rebranded under the name D&H Fencing and has since grown from strength to strength – building strong relationships with clients all over the city.

We supply and install all types of fencing – including; palisade, clear view, bar, mesh, vibracrete, ranch and steelworks and gates.

Why Choose Our Pool Fence Cape Town


We are highly experienced and very professional


We complete the job on time and within your budget


We have a fence for every budget- No job is too small or too big for us!


We do FREE quotations & will give you advisee where needed


We work ALL AREAS : from Cape to Boland


We only use the best materials & suppliers for the job


We believe in 5 star customer service and are hands on with all projects


We give you the service that you pay for and deserve

No Project Too Big Or Too Small


We are a privately owned company that prides itself on keeping to the project timeline. To guarantee that you have the product of your choice built with minimal interruptions, the design and production timings are easily controlled. At D & H Fencing we have the skills and ability to provide you a service that you want and give you nothing less than the best. We are a reputable company that has been in business for many years.

Why Fencing Is An Important Asset To Your Property

Because security is so important in South Africa, it is critical to take security precautions to deter unwanted entry and to protect your belongings and loved ones from harm or loss.

Several layers of interconnected systems will protect your property; however, barriers alone will never be sufficient to deter a determined intruder.

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Physical walls are primarily used to deter intruders from approaching you or your home. As Pool Fence Cape Town, we help identify the perimeter of your home as the outermost layer of your security system by erecting barriers, partitions, electric fencing, spikes, and razor wire, making it much more difficult for intruders to threaten your peace. According to Affordable Fencing, the first step in creating a safer home environment is to provide a successful first line of defense. Natural protection, safe lighting, sensors, scanners, monitoring, and active participation in neighborhood watch events are also options.

Perimeter Fencing Options In Cape Town

Affordable Fencing has been designing and installing high-quality steel palisade and rigid mesh fencing systems for clients in and around Cape Town for many years. We have many satisfied clients in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs, including Brackenfell and Durbanville, as well as other areas. Because we understand that our customers want the highest level of security, we designed our palisade fence and rigid mesh fencing to be difficult to climb. They are both strong and visually appealing. Every customer is treated as if they are our only client. These customers are well-protected by our high-quality steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing.

Our developments include rooms, restaurants, school centers, and other infrastructure. Driveway gates and, if available, sliding gates are among the services offered. We would be delighted to meet with you and provide you with a quote for a steel palisade or rigid mesh fencing. Any special requests you may have will be considered. Our company is proud to be one of the best fencing contractors in Cape Town. As a result, we believe we provide the best perimeter fencing solutions in the area and the best prices.

Most Reliable Company In Cape Town

Our expert team will inspect your property and take the necessary measurements for the gate and fence specifications before providing you with a quote that we are confident will meet your requirements. We will provide prices for palisade fencing or other types of fencing at a cost per meter if we have assessed the perimeter of your property. All of our fencing and gate installations in Cape Town are done on the spot to ensure that you get the perfect fencing and gates for your home or business.

We are proud of our reputation for exceptional quality as the leading supplier of fencing in Cape Town. If you want the best fencing in Cape Town, there is only one name you need to know to get the job done!

House Fencing

We are a seasoned fence builder in Cape Town who will educate you on the appropriate level of security and consider all aspects of residential fencing. We have excelled in extremely difficult environments, such as high mountaintops. We sell and install a variety of residential fencing options. Please contact us right away for a free quote.

Professional Fencing Company

Affordable Fencing specializes in architectural, safety, technological, and aesthetically pleasing fencing for all types of commercial and construction projects. We use the “Form Meets Purpose” installation method from start to finish and emphasize Full Quality Management.

Fencing For Good Protection

We’ve constructed numerous defensive fences with features such as visibility, stability, demarcation, and deterrence. Among the products we offer are Clearview, Wire-wall Securemax, and Betaview fencing solutions. High-security anti-cut and anti-climb devices are ideal for high-crime situations requiring maximum safety and defense. It has a wide range of applications, including manufacturing, industrial, recreational, and public spaces. Underdigs, electrics, auditory warnings, shark teeth spikes, and razor wire toppings are among the additional security features used in the systems. We guarantee your security and peace of mind.

Fencing With A Medium Protection

We have a wealth of experience educating customers on the most cost-effective and practical fencing options. We install Betafence PVC coated weld mesh systems, palisade fencing, bar fencing, and galvanized weldmesh fencing for all residential, industrial, land, agriculture, and general fencing needs. Ranch-style pool fencing and balustrades are also popular.


For several years, D & H Fencing has been developing and constructing high-quality steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing solutions for clients in and around Cape Town. In the Northern suburbs, such as Brackenfell, Durbanville and Southern Suburbs, and other places in Cape Town, we have many satisfied clients.

We’ve been coaching and serving clients for a long time. Our team has the technical experience and skills required to plan, organize, and carry out large-scale installation projects. Our staff is knowledgeable and trustworthy, and we will follow your instructions to the letter. We don’t stop working until the job is complete and our clients are completely satisfied with the work we’ve done.

We prioritize our clients; your satisfaction is our top priority. We use reputable manufacturers’ high-quality fencing. We have clients in the Cape Peninsula, the Winelands, and the Boland. We are located in the Western Cape. We provide a free, no-obligation quote for both residential and commercial fencing installations. Our highly qualified experts will ensure that the job is completed to the highest standard possible.

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We know that our customers expect the highest degree of protection, so we ensure that it is difficult to climb our palisade fence and robust mesh fencing style, which is incredibly sturdy, and quite appealing aesthetically. Each customer is handled as a different case. The excellent protection offered by our high-quality steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing has been an advantage for these clients.

Homes, stores, educational facilities, and other structures are included in our projects. The services include, among others, driveway gates and, if available, sliding gates. We are more than willing to chat with you and give you an understanding of the costs of steel palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing.

We will listen to any particular specifications you might have. Our company as we remain one of the top fencing contractors Cape Town can be proud of. We, therefore, assume that we give not only the best options but the best rates for perimeter fencing in the region.

We hate to say it, but crime rates are rising, necessitating increased security to keep intruders out of facilities and property. Because sophisticated alert systems only work after a perimeter violation has occurred, they are ineffective in preventing a breach.

Professional Pool Fence Cape Town

For many years, Fencing Companies has been the leading palisade and beta fence contractor in Cape Town. We have been providing a one-of-a-kind, low-cost steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh solution that is both strong and appealing. Fencing Companies obtains all of their raw materials from all over the Western Cape. We only use cutting-edge technologies, allowing us to produce high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Our specialist consultants provide on-site inspections and free consultations. Each fence is made to order, and our production team will construct and manufacture it. Only our trained installers can install our cutting-edge fencing system.

Because security is a major concern, why not work with a Cape Town fencing company that is just as concerned about your family’s safety as you are? As a result, allow us to demonstrate why we’re in the fencing business.

Fencing is an important part of our security and protection in Cape Town. A reputable and affordable fencing firm that Cape Town can be proud of is required to do Clearview fencing, razor wire fencing, palisade fencing, and vibacrete fencing. As a local fencing company, we work hard to be more than just a low-cost fencing company and a low-cost defense provider.

Fences And Gates Cape Town

We understand how important your safety is to you, and how difficult life can be as a homeowner or business owner in Cape Town and the surrounding areas. We will provide you with peace of mind in both of our ventures by providing A-Grade products and expert workmanship. If you’re looking to repair or install a new perimeter fence for industrial or residential purposes, we’ll provide you with the best options for a cost-effective fencing solution. Furthermore, our team is dedicated to delivering positive results that will leave you feeling at ease.

As part of our fence construction, we provide project management from start to finish. Our local service provider will be able to obtain the necessary permits, install the fence properly, and clean up and dispose of any work-related waste. Before leaving your home, the installer will walk you through the final inspection of the fence and answer any questions you may have.

We are still able to construct the fencing of your dreams. Our customer service representatives can make recommendations based on your preferences and budget if you prefer solid timber fencing, low-maintenance vinyl fencing, composite, titanium, or aluminum fencing.

We Are Dependable

We are trustworthy, from workers to administrators, and we do so with passion, which is our guiding force. Allow us to assist you in determining your fencing needs, evaluating style options, and completing a dependable installation using high-quality materials.

Accessible Prices

For your requirements, we provide a wide range of low-cost options as well as a selection of high-quality specifications at a reasonable price. When you work with us, you pay for more than just our services; you pay for consistency, efficiency, transparency, results, and confidence.

Our Professional Workers

For your peace of mind, Fencing Companies is a certified, insured, and background-checked fence contractor. We are an experienced and knowledgeable team that can work with you from start to finish on your project.

Palisade Fence

Mesh Fence

Bar Fence

Betafence & Similar products


Swimming Pool Fence

Ranch Fence

Steelwork & Gates

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Our expert Pool Fence Cape Town team will assess your land and take all the measurements needed for the specifications of your gate and fence, after which we will provide you with a quote that we are confident will meet your demands. On request, after we have calculated your property perimetre, we will provide pricing for palisade fencing or other types of fencing at a cost per metre.

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Any of our Cape Town fencing and gate installations are produced on request to provide you with the best fencing and gates available for your property and place.

As the leading supplier of fencing in Cape Town, we are proud of our reputation for outstanding quality. D & H Fencing is the only name that you need to know in the Western Cape for the absolute finest in quality fencing Cape Town.

Residential Fencing

We are a competent Cape Town fence contractor that recommends the appropriate protection standard and takes into consideration all aspects of residential fencing applications. We have shown great results on incredibly challenging sites, along with rocky mountainsides. We supply and build all sorts of residential fencing. Call us today for a free quote.

Commercial Fencing

For all styles of commercial and construction ventures, D & H Fencing specializes in architectural, defense, technological, and aesthetically pleasing fencing. We adopt the installation strategy of “Shape meets Purpose” and focus on Complete Quality Control from the outset of a project to completion.


We also design a broad range of protective fences that incorporate elements of visibility, safety, demarcation, and deterrent. Clearview, Wire-wall Securemax, and Betaview fencing solutions are included in our supply range. The high-security anti-cut and anti-climb systems are suitable for high-crime areas where optimum safety and defense is needed.

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Our Pool Fence Cape Town can install fencing in industrial, real estate, residential, and all public areas. Additional defense mechanisms such as underdigs, electrics, audio sensors, shark teeth spikes, and toppings for razor wire are used in the applications. We guarantee your peace of mind and protection.

Medium Defense Fencing

D & H Fencing has a wealth of expertise in educating customers on fencing forms that fit both the budget and use. For all residential, industrial, land, agriculture, and general fencing needs, we mount Betafence PVC coated weld mesh systems, palisade fencing, bar fencing, and galvanized weldmesh fencing. Ranch type, wooden, pool fencing, and balustrades are often also used.

Fencing Contractors

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