Pool Fence

#5 Pool Fence

Pool fences are specifically designed to enhance the safety of swimming pools and prevent unauthorized access, particularly for households with young children. These fences are made of steel fences which is galvanised and optional powder coating. Pool fences provide a physical barrier, ensuring that children and pets are protected from potential accidents. The benefits of pool fences include compliance with safety regulations, peace of mind for homeowners, and a stylish addition to the pool area.

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It is a legal obligation here in South Africa to adequately fence your pool before loading it with water. Thankfully, with our Cape Town pool fencing installation in line with the construction of your pool, Pool Fencing Cape Town will help you ensure that everything is according to criteria from beginning to completion. In distinct colors and in whatever choice you make, we have pool fencing you need. Our eye-catching set of security gates and pool fencing was built to follow all regulations in South Africa.

With a team of highly trained professionals who are experts in seeking the most aesthetically appealing and economical way to ensure both compliance and protection for your swimming pool. From the construction of a brand new pool fencing, utilizing a large variety of styles and products that fit your specifications, to small repairs to metal and glass gates and hinges, we take the appropriate steps to render you compliant.


Regardless of what type of pool fencing, we are sure it would contribute to the premises’ charm. We will enable you to choose one that will fit the theme of your home or garden, from modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic. We can even add as many gates as you would like, too. In Cape Town, fencing is an essential part of our safety and defense. It is also essential that you have a reliable and inexpensive fencing company that Cape Town may be proud of to do Clearview fencing, razor wire, palisades, and vibracrete fencing. As a local fencing installer, we work hard to be an economical security provider and not just an affordable fencing business.

We understand your security might be a worry, and things can be quite stressful as a home or business owner, living and working in Cape Town and the surrounding areas. We will send you peace of mind with our A-Grade goods and quality workmanship on all our ventures. For a practical fencing approach, we would give you the best options, whether you are attempting to repair or install a new perimeter fence for commercial or residential purposes. In addition to all that, our team is dedicated to achieving some good outcomes, providing you with a sense of relaxation and a sense of security.

As part of our fence design, we have start-to-finish project management. Our local service provider will receive all the permits required, properly install the barrier, and clean up and dispose of any work-related debris. Before leaving your home, the installer will take you through the final review of the fence and answer any concerns you may have.


Pool Fencing Cape Town is skilled to build any fence that you prefer. Based on the specifications and budget, our service specialists will make custom design options, if you are looking for strong timber fencing, low maintenance vinyl fencing, composite, steel, or aluminum.

We Are Dependable

We at Pool Fencing Cape Town are trustworthy, from staff to superiors, and we do it with zeal, which is our driving force. Let us help you determine your fencing criteria, analyze design options, and complete a secure installation using skilled materials.

Accessible Prices

We provide a broad range of affordable options and provide your requirements with a collection of excellent standards at a discounted price. At our Pool Fencing Cape Town, you not only pay for our services, but for continuity, professionalism, accountability, effectiveness, and trust.

Our Professional Workers

Pool Fencing Cape Town are professional fence installers who are licensed, insured and compliance checked for your peace of mind. From the onset of the project until the finish, we are professional and experienced staff who will support you.

D & H Fencing Cape Town

All types of fencing can be easily and effectively installed with minimal disruption to your surroundings. A wide range of products is required to meet the needs of each application, ranging from medium protection for residential assets to heavy security for industrial properties. Our system has been the international fencing solution of choice for versatility and durability for over 25 years. It is long-lasting, rigid, and long-lasting. The wire is Zincalu rubbed, galvanized, strength welded, and plastic coated with optimum adhesion to ensure an extra-long lifetime, making it durable and robust.

The unit is made up of panels with various height fixing mechanisms, square or Bekafix Stable columns, adjustable fixtures, and a variety of swing and sliding gates. Both are visually appealing and environmentally friendly.


Our plans also include homes, hotels, school facilities, and other structures. Among the amenities are driveway gates and, if available, sliding gates. We’d be happy to discuss the prices of steel palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing with you so you have a better idea of what they are. We will notify you if you have any special requirements. Fencing of All Kinds Cape Town is still one of the best fencing contractors in the country, and Paarl should be proud of our company. As a result, we’ve concluded that we not only have the best perimeter fencing solutions, but also the best prices.

Our expert team will inspect your property and take the necessary measurements for your gate and fence configurations before providing you with a quote that we are confident will meet your needs. If we have measured the property perimeter, we can get prices for palisade fencing or other types of fencing at a cost per meter. Our fencing and gate installations in Cape Town are both tailored to your specific property and location.


We are a Cape Town-based expert fence builder who determines the necessary level of safety and takes into account all aspects of residential fencing applications. We have excelled in extremely difficult environments, such as mountaintops. We sell and install a variety of residential fencing options. Please contact us right away for a no-obligation quote!


We are a commercial and building fencing company that specializes in engineering, defense, mechanical, and aesthetically pleasing fencing. We use the “Form Fits Purpose” installation process from start to finish and place a strong emphasis on Complete Quality Control.


We are confident in our ability to provide exceptional support as Cape Town’s leading fencing retailer. All Types of Fencing is a fencing company that specializes in all types of fencing. In Cape Town, the only term you need to know for the best fencing is “Cape Town.”


We’ve also constructed a variety of security fences with features such as visibility, monitoring, demarcation, and deterrence. We offer fencing solutions such as Clearview, Wire-wall Securemax, and Betaview, among others. High-protection anti-cut and anti-climb systems are appropriate for high-crime areas requiring the best monitoring and safety, such as commercial, real estate, residential, and all public locations. Electrics, speech alarms, shark teeth spikes, and razor wire toppings are among the additional security features in the applications. We guarantee your security and peace of mind.