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#6 Ranch Fence

Ranch fencing, also known as post and rail fencing, is a traditional and rustic type of fence commonly used in rural and agricultural settings. It consists of sturdy wooden or vinyl posts connected by horizontal rails, creating a classic and open appearance. Ranch fences are versatile and can be customized based on the specific needs of livestock containment or property demarcation. The benefits of ranch fencing include affordability, easy installation, and the ability to blend with natural surroundings.

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While it’s a very common product in the horse society, it’s also the ideal ready-to-use product for the ordinary gardener who wants to form his/her driveway with beautiful wooden fencing posts. It’s safe, functional, and cheap. A must-have in some kind of greenhouse!

When it comes to protecting your house, Ranch Fence Cape Town knows the best protection options that are available. That’s why Ranch Fence Cape Town is ready to help you equip your home with fencing that is not only secure but also cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. We sell a range of field fencing options, as well as a collection of decorative accents, such as farm fence gates and post caps, to ensure that your ranch-style fencing is something you will be proud of for years to come.


Whatever your taste, Ranch Fence Cape Town provides a farm design or ranch-style fencing that suits your style and budget. We proudly market vinyl, aluminum, wood, and metal fencing choices to our customers all over Cape Town. Browse our fence choices below and be sure to check out our gallery to see samples of our farm fence installations at the properties.


Round Rail
With its special fastening technique, round rail fencing provides a safe, durable match for farm owners or ranch owners searching for extra reliability with their fencing solution. Round rail fences also have a uniform, symmetrical appearance for several fencing applications.

Board Rail
Board rail fencing provides an esthetic comparable to circular rail fencing but features frames instead of rounded rails and rails. Board rail fencing gives a traditional look for small to big farms or ranches and may be used in several outdoor settings.
Ranch Fencing Professionals


Fencing is a low-cost, durable pole fencing system that makes it suitable for wide borders as well as fencing paddocks, fields, and other equestrian and livestock areas. Ranch Fencing may be conveniently utilized in combination with wire mesh for added protection and to hold pets in.

Ranch Fencing is increasingly common in SA, as it has esthetic properties that match well with the landscape. 2 key elements make up our ranch fence with a range of rail lengths and post heights to pick from.

The fences have a variety of designs varying from 750mm thick single rails to 2.5m high 4-rail enclosures. This ranch-style fencing may be used for parks, horse enclosures, deck balustrades, lane edgings, or simply decoration. They’re conveniently equipped with wire mesh to hold dogs in or out of a buck.

Our specialist team at Ranch Fence Cape Town will analyze your land and take all the measurements required for the design of your ranch-style fence, after which we will provide you with a quotation that we are certain will satisfy your requirements. On request, once we have measured your property perimeter, we can include a price per meter for palisade fencing or other forms of fencing. Contact Ranch Fence Cape Town now.