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AFFORDABLE Security Fencing Types

Because security is so important in South Africa, it is critical to take precautions to deter unauthorized entry and protect your belongings and loved ones from harm or loss. Several layers of interconnected systems will protect your property, but barriers alone will never deter a determined intruder.

Physical walls are mostly used to keep intruders away from you or your home. By erecting barriers, partitions, electric fencing, spikes, and razor wire, we help identify the perimeter of your home as the outermost layer of your security system, making it much more difficult for intruders to threaten your peace. The first step in creating a safer home environment, according to Affordable Fencing, is to provide a successful first line of defense. Natural protection, safe lighting, sensors, scanners, monitoring, and active participation in neighborhood watch events are all possibilities when you consider the best Security Fencing Types.

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Clearvu Fencing Cape Town Professional Fencers

Homes, hotels, school facilities, and other structures are also on the agenda. Driveway gates and, if available, sliding gates are among the amenities. We’d be happy to go over the costs of steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing with you so you have a better idea of what they are. If you have any special requirements, we will notify you. Our Fencing of All Kinds Cape Town remains one of the best fencing contractors in the country, and Paarl should be proud of us. As a result, we’ve determined that not only do we have the best perimeter fencing solutions, but also the best prices.

Before providing you with a quote that we are confident will meet your needs, our expert team will inspect your property and take the necessary measurements for your gate and fence configurations. We can get prices for palisade fencing or other types of fencing at a cost per meter if we have measured the property perimeter. Our Cape Town fencing and gate installations are both customized to your specific property and location.

No Project Is Too Big Or Too Small


For many years, our Security Fencing Types has designed and installed high-quality steel palisade and rigid mesh fencing systems for clients in and around Cape Town. We have many happy customers in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs, including Brackenfell and Durbanville, as well as other areas. We designed our palisade fence and rigid mesh fencing to be difficult to climb because we understand that our customers want the highest level of security. They are powerful as well as visually appealing. Every client is treated as if they are our only one. Our high-quality steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing keep these customers safe.

Rooms, restaurants, school centers, and other infrastructure are part of our developments. Among the services provided are driveway gates and, if available, sliding gates. We would be happy to meet with you and provide you with a quote for steel palisade or rigid mesh fencing. Any special requests you may have will be taken into account. Our company is pleased to be recognized as one of the best fencing contractors in Cape Town. As a result, we believe we offer the best perimeter fencing solutions at the best prices in the area.

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Affordable Fencing is a commercial and construction fencing company that specializes in architectural, safety, technological, and aesthetically pleasing fencing for all types of commercial and construction projects. From start to finish, we use the “Form Meets Purpose” installation method and emphasize Full Quality Management.


We’ve built a slew of defensive fences with features like visibility, stability, demarcation, and deterrence. We provide fencing solutions such as Clearview, Wire-wall Securemax, and Betaview. Anti-cut and anti-climb devices with high security are ideal for high-crime situations requiring maximum safety and defense. It can be used in a variety of settings, including manufacturing, industrial, recreational, and public spaces. Additional security features in the systems include underdigs, electrics, auditory warnings, shark teeth spikes, and razor wire toppings. We ensure your safety and peace of mind.


We have extensive experience advising customers on the most cost-effective and practical fencing options. For all residential, industrial, land, agriculture, and general fencing needs, we install Betafence PVC coated weld mesh systems, palisade fencing, bar fencing, and galvanized weldmesh fencing. Pool fencing and balustrades in the ranch style are also popular.



Before providing you with a quote that we are confident will meet your needs, our expert team will inspect your property and take the necessary measurements for the gate and fence specifications. If we have assessed the perimeter of your property, we will provide prices for palisade fencing or other types of fencing at a cost per meter. All of our fencing and gate installations in Cape Town are completed on-site to ensure that you get the perfect fencing and gates for your home or business.

As the leading supplier of fencing in Cape Town, we are proud of our reputation for exceptional quality. If you’re looking for the best fencing in Cape Town, there’s only one name you need to know!


We are a seasoned fence builder in Cape Town who will educate you on the proper level of security and take into account all aspects of residential fencing. We have excelled in extreme conditions, such as high mountaintops. We sell and install various types of residential fencing. Please contact us as soon as possible for a free quote.

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All types of fencing can be installed quickly and easily with minimal disruption to your surroundings. To meet the needs of each application, a diverse range of products is required, ranging from medium protection for residential assets to heavy security for industrial properties. For over 25 years, our system has been the international fencing solution of choice for versatility and durability. It is long-lasting, rigid, and durable. Zincalu rubbed, galvanized, strength welded, and plastic coated with optimum adhesion to ensure an extra-long lifetime, making it durable and robust.

Panels with various height fixing mechanisms, square or Bekafix Stable columns, adjustable fixtures, and a variety of swing and sliding gates comprise the unit. Both are visually appealing as well as eco-friendly.

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