Vibracrete Fence

#7 Vibracrete Fence

Vibracrete fences, also called precast concrete fences, are constructed using precast concrete panels and steel reinforcing for added strength. These fences are popular for their durability, privacy, and noise reduction properties. Vibracrete fences are commonly seen in residential areas, offering a robust and low-maintenance solution. The benefits of vibracrete fences include longevity, excellent privacy, and resistance to weather conditions.

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Vibracrete or precast walling is a high-quality, cost-effective perimeter wall solution that is quickly built and practically maintenance-free. With Vibracrete Fencing Cape Town, the broad selection of finishes means that you will find a match that fits your style and budget.

We will also assist you with Vibracrete additions, replacement of broken walls, and raising of Vibracrete walls with palisade frames, in addition to new walls.

The vibracrete slabs and posts that we have built are constructed of reinforced concrete to guarantee the product’s consistency and life cycle. To maintain peace of mind for our customers, our installation team is very well-trained and competent.


Vibracrete Fencing Cape Town provides a range of experiences to advise customers on types of fencing that suit both the budget and use. We build Betafence PVC coated weld mesh systems, palisade fencing, bar fencing, and galvanized weldmesh fencing for all residential, commercial, ground, farming, and general fencing needs. Sometimes still seen are ranch style, wooden, pool fencing, and balustrades.

We have years of practice in advising and assisting customers. Our workers have the professional expertise and knowledge to successfully plan, coordinate, and execute installation projects of all sizes. Our workers are knowledgeable and trustworthy, and we supply to your every demand. We do not quit until a task is completed and our customers are absolutely satisfied with the job we’ve done.

Our goal is to place our customers first. We use top-of-the-range fencing supplies such as reputable vendors. We trade in the Cape Peninsula, Winelands, and Boland areas. You can contact us throughout the Western Cape. We offer a free no-obligation quotation for both residential and industrial fencing installations. We will ensure that your project is carried out by our trained professionals to the highest standards.


Unfortunately, crime rates continue to climb, resulting in a critical need for better security to defend the facilities and property from intruders. Sophisticated warning systems are of no benefit since they only enable a breach of the perimeter to be deterred after a perimeter violation has occurred.

For years, Vibracrete Fencing Cape Town has become the number one palisade fencing and beta fence installer for Cape Town. We’ve produced a rare, well-priced solution for steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh that is not just durable, but also aesthetically pleasing. All the raw materials used for Vibracrete Fencing Cape Town are locally collected from the Western Cape. We use only the latest technology available, allowing us to deliver goods of high quality at competitive prices.

Our professional consultants will carry out full site reviews and do a consultation free of charge. Each fence is individually ordered to size and our construction staff will create and install it. Our groundbreaking fencing scheme can only be installed by our certified installers.

Protection is a major concern, so why not put your faith in a fencing company that takes the security of your family as seriously as you do. Let’s show you why we are number one in the fencing industry.