Wire Mesh Fence

#8 Wire Mesh Fence

Wire mesh fences are composed of interwoven or welded wire strands, forming a flexible and transparent barrier. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Wire mesh fences offer visibility while still providing a level of security. They can be customized with various wire gauges and mesh sizes to meet specific needs. The benefits of wire mesh fences include affordability, versatility, and the ability to adapt to uneven terrain. They are also relatively easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

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Wire Mesh Fencing Cape Town is a specialist contractor for fencing. Our main activity is the supply and installation of different forms of defense and perimeter fences. Wire Mesh Fencing Cape Town has partnered up with a range of fence suppliers and importers around South Africa, but we still aim to deliver the right value for your application at the most affordable rates available.

Since we’ve been in the fence-installing sector for several years, we’ve had extensive knowledge and skills in the area of fence-installation.


Wire Mesh Fencing Cape Town collection of domestic, business and commercial fencing comprises products such as poles, stays, guidelines, welded fences, wire fencing, diamond mesh, razor coil, flat wrap, and razor wire.

Our portfolio ranges from tiny residential installations to large commercial installations. Apart from the core fence installation job, we have a team of skilled, in-house metalworkers who are capable of constructing and producing most steel frameworks, like gates, frames, carports, sheds, and many more.

Any of the fencing that we sell and build include, high to low protection ‘Clear Vision’ style panel fences, Palisade fences of varying pale types, Electronic fences, other industrial and farm fences. Most of the lower protection-rated fences can be combined with fence toppings, such as electric fences, spikes, or razor wires, to improve security offerings at more cost-effective costs.


Whatever your safety criteria are, Wire Mesh Fencing Cape Town can be trusted to provide you with the right solution and the most reasonable price. Our wire mesh fence is a cost-effective, hard-wearing alternative for general fencing. Razor-sharp coil and Razor sharp flat panel formation sheets used as an important protective fencing shield. Call us today to give you a competitive offer.

We occupy all parts of Cape City. Planning, ideas, advice, and materials are delivered to satisfy the needs. We know a lot about fencing, and we will support you when it’s needed. Please have a peek at some of our work that has been finished.



We have a reputation for exemplary customer support and honesty. This is shown by the fact that much of our new business arrives from repeat clients and their references to families and friends. Upon completion of all the installations and ventures we conduct, we are completely committed to shared happiness. We provide our customers with premium solutions that suit their expectations and budget.


The diamond wire mesh fence is most widely used as a perimeter fence for residential and industrial purposes. It is ideally designed for projects that need a low degree of protection but require quick-to-install and cost-effective fencing. Diamond wire mesh fencing is a reasonably inexpensive fencing system that provides strength, longevity, and versatility. It is composed of linear wires that are connected together in a zig-zag fashion to create a set of diamond-shaped holes. Diamond wire mesh fencing is a cost-effective, hard-wearing alternative for general fencing.

The usage of diamond wire fencing ranges from the containment of playing fields and tennis courts to the use of commercial work areas and building zones. You’ll even see it around swimming pools, parking fields, schools, malls, highways, and private homes. It is widely used to hold people away from unsafe environments or to secure their privacy and protection. It is often used to cover the windows to shield them from destruction and to avoid breach without losing visibility. There are also advantages of utilizing diamond wire mesh fencing. It’s excellent and sturdy, but it’s versatile, and it’s not easy to sag or roll. Contact us now.